Gold and Silver Refining

Precious metals refining is an industrial process through which impurity present in alloys from goldsmith scrap material or minerals collection is chemically or electrochemically eliminated and metals with a high purity are collected.

Balestri Technologies designs and manufactures refining plants for gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper.

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Precious Metals Assay

The precious metals assay represents an essential step among the various production processes.

Balestri Technologies S.r.l. provides its high-level technical skills to realize state of the art assay laboratory conforming to different requirements.

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Fumes Treatment

Balestri Technologies designs and realize fumes treatment plants emitted by different processes (chemical and not).

Fumes scrubbers for the reduction of pollutants and dust collectors.

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Water Treatment

Balestri Technologies designs and realize specific plants for industrial water treatment for precious metals recovery with attention to the the water heritage as well.

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Precious Metals Recovery

The recovery of precious metals from scrap material generated by manufacturing or chemical processes represents an extremely important field in the economy of goldsmith business activities.

Balestri Technologies designs and realizes specific plants for the various need.

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Jewelling Processes

Balestri Technologies S.r.l. realizes plants and machines for the goldsmith manufacturing sector, in particular devices  for superficial treatments, finishing , and object emptying systems.

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Solutions and Salts Production

Balestri Technologies S.r.l. designs and realizes plant for the salts and solutions production used in the goldsmith sector and other manufacturing industries.

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Laboratory Fume Hoods

Balestri Technologies S.r.l. designs and realizes lab fume hoods made in different materials (PP, PPs) complete of vacuum system and customized on customer's requirements.

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Balestri Technologies S.r.l. supplies melting furnaces and related accessories for metal casting, selecting the best solution to customer’s demand.

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Plastic processing

Balestri Technologies realizes designed items in various plastic material, both weldable (PP – PPs - PVC – PVDF – PE), and non-weldable (PETG).
Our works are addressed to the jewellery industry, chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

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Designing and technical advice

Through its technical team, the company is able to offer technical advise and designing service for the setting up of a plant or a process.

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Industrial plants maintenance

Balestri Technologies realizes ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works to chemical and industrial plants

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